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5 East Clay Street, Richmond, VA
Pamela Hamilton-Stubbs, BSN, M.D.

Dr. Hamilton-Stubbs is a nurse MD.  After completing her nursing education with honors at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio,               Dr. Hamilton-Stubbs pursued her dream of attending an HBUC.  She matriculated at Meharry Medical College where she graduated in the top 4th of her class.

Dr. Hamilton-Stubbs completed an internal medicine internship, pediatric residency, adult neurology residency and child neurology fellowship.  In 1994 she accepted a position as one of only two physicians in the Sleep Disorders Center at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical College of Virginia.  In 1997 she resigned to start a Christian based medical practice, SCCA.

In 2006 she began studying the medicinal benefits of foods. Later she returned to the class room.   She studied herbal medicine at Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine, Accre Ghana and is currently studying functional medicine.

Dr. Hamilton-Stubbs practices integrative sleep medicine.



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Community Service
Health Committee Chair, Henrico Co. NAACP

Past Editor Pediatric Section On-line Newsletter, American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Past Section Chair, Neurology Neurosurgery section of National Medical Association

Past Vice President, Richmond Medical Society, Richmond, VA